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Lantra Awards 4x4 Off Road Vehicle Operating

What is included in our courses: Training

  Use of 4x4 vehicles

  Full PPE


  Lantra Awards Certificate


Locations Available:  Bala, Llandrindod Wells.

Course Code: A4X4001

Certificate option 1: Principles of Off Road Vehicle Operating

Duration: 1 day

Assessed: Yes

Summary/Introduction: Designed for users of 4x4s who will only tackle basic off road obstacles and will always avoid more severe threats and weather conditions. Assessment is on a limited range of obstacles with a lower threshold of acceptable threat/risk.

Certificate option 2: Operating Vehicles in Off Road Adverse Conditions

Duration: 2 days

Assessed: Yes

Summary/Introduction: Designed for users of 4x4s who may seek to tackle some more severe obstacles and sometimes in poor weather conditions. Assessment is over a range of obstacles, identifying and managing risks in a practical manner making reasonable use of vehicular and driver capabilities as appropriate.

Refresher training/assessment may be triggered by: 5 years elapsing from the completion of prior certification time elapsed guided by user risk assessment a response to an incident or a near miss receipt of a new vehicle.

The refresher is designed for users who have previously received accredited training in 4x4 off road vehicle operating, proof of training will be required.

Course objectives: 


Course sessions:

Assessment type: Internal assessment and external verification

Why You Need Training Training is a legal requirement if you drive off-road for business purposes. The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) require employers to provide adequate training and to ensure that vehicles are driven by employees who have received the appropriate training in their safe use. If you are self-employed, the regulations still apply.

But more importantly, as with any driving you need to make sure you are properly trained for your own safety and to help avoid accidents and potential injuries. 

Who is this suitable for?:  We offer a range of courses for all those operating an off-road vehicle. Any person who will be required to operate a 4x4 vehicle in an off road environment. All learners must be able to demonstrate that they are competent in driving normal vehicles in a road situation and hold a current driving licence.

What Lantra Awards Off-Road Training Can Offer You

Lantra is an organization with over 40 years of experience in developing training and all our courses are delivered by an exclusive network of training providers. These providers and instructors have been approved by Lantra so you can be sure you will get the course you deserve with training from people who are qualified and experienced with the vehicles.

Description:  The courses will include training and then an assessment at the end of the course. The aim of the assessment is to ensure successful learners have adequate knowledge and understanding to operate 4x4s safely, that is they have received and understood the training. It is only through experience and practice you will become proficient enabling them to operate safely in a range of situations avoiding undue risks.

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LANTRA Awards Off Road Driving Courses

Used correctly, off-road vehicles (such as 4x4s, All Terrain Vehicles or ATVs) are very versatile vehicles with a wide variety of uses for the business and recreational user.  But even the most experienced off-road drivers can find themselves in hazardous and potentially dangerous situations. Serious accidents can and do occur without proper training.